Google Dependent  Small Business Marketing

Google Dependent Small Business Marketing

Is Google the only player in town when it comes to online marketing? When I talk to my clients they are obsessed with Google, I’m constantly asked: ” what are my Google rankings like?” They rarely ask about Bing and Yahoo, so that leads me on to another question do they even care about Yahoo or Bing?

So I decided to remove the traffic stats for Bing and Yahoo from my monthly reports to see if my clients would notice, and surprisingly, they didn’t.

Google is the largest player in the UK as far as search is concerned with a market share of 90% according to Experian Hitwise. Google has the largest UK market share over its rivals, with Bing and Yahoo having 4.26% and 3.08% respectively.

Have you ever heard the saying that you shouldn’t keep all of your eggs in one basket? The same principle applies to Google. If all of your marketing efforts are geared towards Google’s products and services, what would happen if your business were penalized by Google?

Well, your small business would suffer. Many a business has gone to the wall because it has relied solely on Google instead of spreading its online marking budget across multiple services offered by multiple vendors.

If Google were to hit your business with a penalty, your ranking could go from page 1 to page 10 overnight and we not what happens then, a reduction in traffic. Even though Bing and Yahoo have a small percentage of the UK search market compared to Google, you could still acquire reasonable amounts of traffic from them. We’ve worked with several small business websites to help them recover from penalties. Small companies like lawn maintenance companies and landscapers are severely affected by penalties. One of our clients Show Plants who

One of our clients Show Plants who review lawn and garden care products like Wet & Forget receive a steady stream of traffic from Yahoo and Bing.

So why don’t small businesses spread their marketing budget across different search companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

I believe it because of time and the steep learning curve when trying to use services by Bing and Yahoo, as opposed to Google. Time is a precious commodity for small and large businesses and SEO has a forever changing landscape and would require a large investment in time. But this shouldn’t stop you from optimising your pages for Bing and Yahoo, tapping into those multiple streams of traffic.

The same principle should be applied to pay per click campaigns, we are all guilty of learning how to run a PPC campaign on Google Adwords and because we’re comfortable with Google Adwords we just stick with that when there are other options.

If time is a precious commodity for you and your business, consider using the services of an SEO Consultant or SEO Agency, as they have the skills necessary to ensure you have a presence on all of the major search engines.